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Customizable Whale pattern 3-grain braided bed bumper
  • Customizable Whale pattern 3-grain braided bed bumper

    Pretty and cozy, our bed braids reminiscent of the ears of wheat grains. Version in 3 grains including 1 Whale pattern.

    Magnificent bed braid to mark the edges of your child's cocoon.

    • Reception deadlines

      The braids are made one by one by our partner creators.

      You will receive your braid within approximately 1 to 3 weeks following your order.


    • Technical sheet

      Each braided bed bumper has at the ends  decorative ribbons to secure it to your child's bed.

      Composed of high quality Premium fabrics, filled with antiallergic silicone wadding (Lentex - Oeko Tex 100 Certificate).

      Height about 15 cm, thickness about 6 cm.

      This braid is available in 4 sizes; 2m, 2m40, 3m, 3m60

    • Personalization

      Choose 1 or 2 colors to accompany the pattern between the 28 colors available!

    PriceFrom €65.00

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