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Activity Board "Busy Board" Mini
  • Activity Board "Busy Board" Mini

    • Description

      A board on which are attached a wide variety  of elements to develop the senses and fine motor skills .

      Your child will be fascinated and attracted by all the details to touch and all the systems to operate.

      Let your child  discover and experiment in complete safety.

    • Technical sheet

      Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm

      Weight 4kg


      wood base  plywood

      The wooden elements are painted with a solvent-free, non-toxic child-friendly paint.

      The activity boards are equipped with metal notches to fix them to the wall like frames.

    • The fun activities offered

      Gears of different formats with a hypnotic look





      3 kinds of latches to handle

      Clip-on latch

    • Delivery delay

      Item made by hand over orders.

      Delays of 2 to 4 weeks variable according to the order book and the customization. Do not hesitate to indicate in comment of your order if it is for a particular occasion!

    • Security

      The wood used is FSC certified.
      The different models have been  submitted and validated by the CE standard.
      Each activity board is subject to quality control before shipment.


      Under strict parental supervision before 3 years.

      Activity boards are appreciated up to 6/7 years old!

      Equipment to be checked regularly to ensure its longevity and the safety of its users.

    PriceFrom €79.50

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