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Savanna sticker set
  • Savanna sticker set

    SKU: 1122009305432

    A magnificent scene to mount, adventure in the savannah!


    High quality sticker, the positioning sheet will allow you easy installation.


    • Technical sheet

      The template S measures 70 x 70 cm, and below you find all the sizes of the animals

      giraffe: 48 cm

      elephant: 34cm

      flamingo: 20cm

      big lion: 26cm

      small lion: 16 cm

      ostrich 26 cm

      lemur: 12 cm

      toucan: 14cm

      The size L measures 100 x 100 cm and all animal measurements are:

      • giraffe: 67 cm
      • elephant: 49cm
      • flamingo: 27cm
      • big lion: 37 cm
      • small lion: 24 cm
      • ostrich 37 cm
      • lemur: 16 cm
      • toucan: 20cm

      The stickers do not have a white outline, so they can be applied to colored walls while ensuring a superb rendering!

    • Delivery delay

      Stickers available shipped within 1 to 10 days depending on the stick available.

    PriceFrom €55.00

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