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Jungle wallpaper Black & white
  • Jungle wallpaper Black & white

    SKU: DEKO.TAP.117

    Magnificent wallpaper with original and refined patterns!

    • Item description

      A sublime wallpaper for an atmosphere of adventure in the heart of the savannah!

      The wallpaper always starts with an elephant starting from the left. And exactly half of the elephant, because the whole figure would occupy about 150-180 cm, so in some cases… half the room! This is why our elephant appears once on the wallpaper (inaugurates our model), then… disappears.

      The pattern is then looped.
      Divided into blocks 50 cm wide, we placed the animals so that their heads were more or less at equal distance. Therefore, when cutting, we have no chance that the head of the giraffe will be cut off or the toucan will lose its beak. The evenly distributed animals also help to match the wallpaper to the dimensions of the walls.

      how to order wallpaper?

      1. First, measure the width of the wall. Then look at our auxiliary drawing (third photo), where we have specially visualized how your wallpaper will look when you order 3 or 6 strips (3 strips = 150 cm wide, 6 strips = 300 cm).

      Finally, order as many stripes as needed for your wall. On the visualization we presented the arrangement on the wall with a width of 400 cm. If your wall is longer, the pattern loops again (without an elephant).

    • Technical sheet

      Dimensions of each band:

      Width 50cm

      Height 280cm

      Measurements of some animals: an elephant reaches 155 cm, a giraffe height is 230 cm, and flamingos are placed from a height of 140-190 cm. The little lion hides behind the leaves, which measure (with him) 65 cm, and the trees in the background climb to a height of almost 240 cm.

    • Delivery delay

      Delivery within 2 to 4 weeks depending on available stock.


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