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Two-storey house bed
  • Two-storey house bed

    Fall for this Magnificent Cabin Bed in a superimposed model with the ladder in the middle of the length.
    Safety barriers option possible on the bottom berth, examples in photos.
    Ideal for decoration enthusiasts, its original and very trendy look will certainly make the space optimized by layering but still very decorative.

    Remember to personalize it with our decorative accessories such as garlands ,lace ...

    You can choose to use it as a bunk bed for 2 children or quite simply as a loft bed because you just need not to install the bottom bed base at this time.
    Only the rear and side uprights of the bed frame need to be put in place for the stability of the structure. The bottom (1m height available) can be used as a reading corner, desk, game...
    The Maisonette cabin spirit will certainly please your toddlers!


    This untreated NATURAL PINE furniture comes with everything you need (screws, wood nipples, wood glue...) and very easy to assemble!

    Delivered WITH slatted bases and WITHOUT mattresses. Find all of our mattresses here  !

    • Interview

      Our House Beds in untreated natural pine  require no maintenance .

      You can  very easy to clean  help  with a very lightly dampened soft cloth.

      Easy to customize if you want after a few years you will be able to  paint your Natural Wood bed without any surface preparation (simple dusting) using a special wood paint suitable for children.

    • Possible options

      - Choice of ladder position between the middle of the width of the bed or in the middle of the length version .

      - Possible safety barriers for the lower bunk (the guardrails for the upper bunk are always included).

      - Color of your choice between Natural wood, White, Grey, Pink, Blue and Green.


      We also offer the House Bed model with a pull-out drawer or even a simple mezzanine.

    • Security


      High beds are not recommended before your child is 6 years old . It is therefore up to you to ensure their safety in the event of purchase.

      The recommended height of the mattress to be used on the upper level is between 15 and 18cm in order to correspond to the standards of the railings.

      During assembly, you can adjust the height of the bed base behind the frame to the nearest millimeter for a perfect fit.


      Admissible load upper bed 50kg.

      Permissible load lower bed 90kg.

    • Materials

      The material is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 standards, the wood is FSC and PEFC certified and the glues used in production are ecological .


      As an option, the product is painted with Beckers paints, which have the certification  of the Polish Allergy Society and are intended for painting children's toys.

    • Technical sheet:

      The beds are fitted with curved slatted bases.

      The bed bases are delivered disassembled in the boxes of the beds (slats to be fixed one by one using fixing systems).

      Assembly instructions here .

      Bed for 70cm x 140cm mattress:
      Total length 15cm
      Total width 763cm without ladder
      Overall dimensions ladder in depth 26cm.
      Height at the peak of the roof 189cm.
      Height at the bottom of the roof 145cm.
      Height under the upper bed 1m.

      Bed for 80cm x 160cm or 200cm mattress:
      Total length 173cm or 213cm depending on the bed length chosen.
      Total width off scale 86.3cm
      Overall dimensions ladder in depth 26cm.
      Total height at the peak of the roof 194.9cm.
      Height at low roof level 145cm.
      Height under the upper bed 1m.

      Bed for mattress of 90cm x 140cm or 190cm or 200cm according to your choice of length.
      Total length 152cm or 203cm or 213cm,
      Total width off scale 96.3cm.
      Overall dimensions ladder in depth 26cm.
      Total height at the peak of the roof 203.6cm.
      Height at low roof level 145cm.
      Height under the upper bed 1m.

    • Specific precautions

      As part of the purchase of a Mezzanine or bunk bed, it is up to the parent to ensure the safety of their child.

      We advise you to check these few safety points before your child uses it:

      - Your child is at least 6 years old

      - Your child's bed is installed in such a way that it cannot get caught between the bed and a wall/furniture or any other element. The bed, if it is close to another element, must be completely pressed against its entire length and/or width

      - No accessory such as string, rope or belt should be hung on the bed within its reach (risk of asphyxiation)

      - Only one child at a time can occupy the top berth

      - The maximum load of the upper bed is 45 kilos

      - The space between the bottom of the barrier and the top of the mattress must not be greater than 7.5cm  ( we recommend a 15cm thick mattress with firm comfort )

      - Your child must not jump on the upper bed

      - The original bed ladder must be in perfect condition and perfectly installed and fixed to the bed in order to ensure entry and exit from the bed

    • Delivery

      Delivery  at your place at the bottom of the building: 

      - natural wood : 15 to 20 days

      - color : 20 to 30 days

      Insured delivery  by the carrier UPS.

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