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Un bureau bibliothèque Cabane multifonctions qui a tout bon!

The large Montessori multifunction desk is the ideal tool to combine autonomy, play and space saving.

Its many functions:

  1. inclined desk top with edge to put pencils, books and sheets, it is perfect for drawing, doing activities or working well

  2. slanted slate tray with edge to put the chalks, this table will delight young and old to draw and learn!

  3. its 2 large shelves allow the storage of books easy to grab independently

  4. the small windows will allow the most creative to use the shelves in a Dollhouse!

  5. this large desk is a perfect cabin for your child who will slip into it to spend quiet time with a book or play there

  6. its many windows are ideal for keeping light in the cabin.

  7. a large pencil pot sits on top of the roof to keep essentials for your child's creative arts at hand and draws the chimney of the house

Maëva (@dans_les_valises_des_garcons Instagram) chose it to create for her children a space for sharing around reading, a play area, a hiding place, a space for creative activities.

During assembly (which is also simple and fun) you can choose the position of the chalk board and the wooden board.

She transformed the space under the House into a cozy corner by placing a rug and some pretty cushions

Our large multifunctional Montessori playhouse desk can be personalized in colors between 7 pretty powdery shades for a style that perfectly matches your decoration.

Handcrafted in Europe, the assembly is done by interlocking for a perfect fit over time and an inimitable look.

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